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Why OfficeFinder?

OfficeFinder : We seek the best Hong Kong Serviced Office.

Free Consultation

OfficeFinder offers free consultation service for everyone seeking Hong Kong Serviced Office.Our consultation service is totally free of charge. We give advise based on your business nature, number of staff, area needed, move in date. We will follow up with service operator and propose you with price and place according to your requirement.

Office On-site Visit

OfficeFinder provide free on-site visiting for anyone looking for Hong Kong serviced office.We will arrange office site viewing once you have idea with office location. We are certificated estate agency with expertise that can remind you from tricky traps.

Terms Negotiation

OfficeFinder negotiate the best business contract terms with the operators for anyone seeking Hong Kong Serviced Office.Fight against operator and owner, we only go for the best package for you.We negotiate for leasing duration, leasing price, office equipment, facilities, deposit term, starting cost, move in date, special requirement (like expansion, surrender agreement)Once both parties come into a consensus, we assist in drafting contract to protect your right.

All-round Knowledge

OfficeFinder has the experience advisors to offer all-round knowledge of office rental and doing business in Hong Kong and Asia.Our experience and solid knowledge of Asia market, We know well will the different in commercial ordinance, culture and marketing operation within Asia region. You can be reassured that the advice and help received during your office search remains focused on you and your business needs.

Why choose Service Office?

OfficeFinder: "Serviced Office is Shared Office with advantages."
Serviced Office is the simplest and most flexible working space solution for international business, SME, start-ups, and freelancer in Hong Kong. Serviced Office Space offers rental on short, flexible lease agreements from one to 12 months. Monthly usage fees are inclusive of rent, rates, electricity etc. Thus, what you need is just to paid a service fee, then you can enjoy full service of a conventional office. If you are unsure of expansion plans or the ideal geographic location for your business, Serviced Office is the ideal solution.
Your benefits:

  1. Provide a flexible office space
  2. Flexible leasing period
  3. Serviced Office Space offers rental on short
  4. Flexible lease (license) agreements from one to 12 months

How to select the best Serviced Office?


icon-affordabilityWhen deciding if you can afford to lease a business center in Hong Kong, determine the total amount it will you to move in and to maintain your lease plus the connectivity costs multiply by the number of users. Is it affordable? If not, look for another business centre.

Required Ambience

icon-ambienceSometimes, a particular business requires a certain kind of ambience. For example, if you are a leading edge design firm, you need to be in an office space that promotes that image or in a space that you can design so that it promotes that concept.

Basic Ingredients

icon-basicThis is where basic ingredients of the space you need must be analyzed. For instance, these can include the amount of natural light, number of corner offices with views, the type and color of carpeting, what the building’s foyer and exterior looks like, how well the serviced office is maintained, whether interior walls or other architectural elements need to be torn down or put in, etc. Naturally, these variables – or lack thereof – will influence your overall cost.

Cost Saving

icon-cost-savingWhen you choose to rent a serviced office, you are actually saving up the cost of decoration, rental deposits (usually 2 monthly rental cost), office equipment, electricity bills, water bills, management fees and most importantly the time spent on renovation and negotiation with landlord.


icon-locationAnother cost saving benefits is the cost of creating company’s image. Serviced office operators choose to open branches most likely in Grade A & B business building with elegant lobby and business facility. Their well-trained receptionist and professional office service saves your monthly expense and time spent on interview.

External Element

icon-externalEvery business centre requires certain external elements in terms of location in order to succeed. For example, do you need to be located near public transportation? Do you need to be able to provide ample parking? What kind of parking do you need for yourself and clients?

Our background

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